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1. september 2012 at 0:41 | kawaii.death
copic sketch:
E49 ~ Dark Bark†E29 ~ Burnt UmberE37 ~ Sepia†E33 ~ Sand
Y11 ~ Pale YellowY21 ~ Buttercup Yellow†YR00 ~ Powder Pink†R02 ~ Flesh†
Y02 ~ Canary YellowY06 ~ YellowY15 ~ Cadmium YellowYR23 ~ Yellow Ochre*
R37 ~ Carmine*R27 ~ Cadmium RedYR07 ~ Cadmium OrangeYR04 ~ Chrome Orange
RV29 ~ CrimsonR32 ~ PeachRV04 ~ Shock PinkV04 ~ Lilac
B29 ~ UltramarineBV08 ~ Blue VioletV09 ~ Violet#V06 ~ Lavender†
B39 ~ Prussian BlueBG09 ~ Blue GreenB05 ~ Process BlueB23 ~ Phthalo Blue
G21 ~ Lime GreenBG10 ~ Cool ShadowBG15 ~ Aqua†B32 ~ Pale Blue†
YG03 ~ Yellow GreenYG91 ~ Putty*YG95 ~ Pale Olive†G99 ~ Olive
100 ~ BlackG28 ~ Ocean Green*G17 ~ Forest GreenG07 ~ Nile Green*
C7 ~ Cool Gray No.7^C5 ~ Cool Gray No.5^C3 ~ Cool Gray No.3^C1 ~ Cool Gray No.1^
W7 ~ Warm Gray No.7^W5 ~ Warm Gray No.5^W3 ~ Warm Gray No.3^W1 ~ Warm Gray No.1†

copic ciao:
YR23 ~ Yellow OchreY38 ~ HoneyY15 ~ Cadmium YellowY21 ~ Buttercup Yellow
E50 ~ Egg Shell*E53 ~ Raw Silk^V000 ~ Pale Heath*E95 ~ Flesh Pink*
E77 ~ MaroonE71 ~ Champagne^B45 ~ Smoky BlueB12 ~ Ice Blue*
R46 ~ Strong RedB02 ~ Robin's Egg Blue*YG23 ~ New LeafYR16 ~ Apricot
V06 ~ LavenderBG49 ~ Duck Blue*G07 ~ Nile GreenV15 ~ Mallow
BV17 ~ Deep Reddish Blue


Na cestě

8. may 2012 at 2:56 | kawaii.death |  † Texts
originally school work, that's why it's named like this. sadly, in czech only.... more under the line :P

Chibies of my guys

19. january 2012 at 23:44 | kawaii.death |  † Me a my stuff
pics of my two boys, weretiger Zack and fairy Nathaniel in chibi forms. yes, they're both guys.



10. january 2012 at 3:06 | kawaii.death |  † Poems
just a old work of mine, translated from czech into english. I still dun like third part, but what can I do about it? ><


15. july 2011 at 0:55 | kawaii.death
okay, I decided....
I will write here only in english from now on.
I know, you guys don't read it. but there's someone who wants to read it. in english. so I don't give a fuck about others.
you like czech more? I like english. DEAL WITH IT.
but... if you don't mind me writing in english... you're still very welcome here ♥
I will be probably translating even old stuff into english. so yeah...
bye for now :) *gotta get to work on it*

Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~

15. july 2011 at 0:55 | kawaii.death
~sorry guys. in english only...~

Versailles is Visual Kei metal band with awesome-looking rococo-like costumes (you can see photos) and symphonic music (you can hear examples).
Official Website: http://www.versailles-wfc.com/

99 things about me

15. july 2011 at 0:23 | kawaii.death |  † Me a my stuff
LOOK AT DATE before you judge me.
1. Full name: ...including two words

2. Nicknames: Saila, kawaii.death, something-dead

3. Birthday: 2nd March

4. Birth place: Prague

5. Zodiac Sign: Pisces


14. july 2011 at 23:40 | kawaii.death
just pictures with ghosts/spirits, got on google. 'njoy.

If I were....

14. july 2011 at 23:38 | kawaii.death |  † Me a my stuff
If I were fruit, I'd be.... wild cherry.

If I were color, I'd be... black.

If I were animal, I'd be... feline beast.

If I were household appliance, I'd be... broken.


14. july 2011 at 23:37 | kawaii.death |  † Vampires
Fiat ignem,
Scribit, fiet,
Sanguis vitam est,
Sanguis est vim,
Vitae animum nobis est,
Sanguis est ignem et aquam,
Nunc nox, mox lux.

Let there be fire,
So was it written, so it is,
Blood is life,
Blood is power,
Blood is your soul,
Blood is fire and water,
It was night, but now it's day.

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